Friday, October 3, 2014

Making Eyes... you?

Here's looking at you, kid?

The eyes have it?

Billy Eye-dol?

Yes, it's been silly fun so far on my new Halloween quilt, Jacks and Cats. I made all the eyes with black felt pupils, instead of the satin stitch embroidery suggested in the pattern. I didn't want any white to show through, and I think it was about the same amount of work either way.

I will say that "easy and fun" changed into mindnumbing and dull about halfway through, but in the end I was surprised when they were all done.

Now I can start on the faces, which is when the fun will really start!


  1. Ah ha. Very cute! Isn't it amazing where the mind goes when creativity is untethered. Your project will be "boutis"ful , or more appropriate to your quilt, "bootis"ful!

    1. LOL, thanks. Yes, clearly I had too much time to think while making these!

  2. I certainly felt those eyes were watching me!

  3. They are going to look good - and I think I'd prefer to be stitching on the felt than doing the satin stitch!

    1. Thanks, Jillian! Yes, it seemed better all around. :)

  4. Funny picture. I can see how making them would be tedious however.


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