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Since I know there are a lot of Bonniacs out there, I've decided to collect all my Bonnie Hunter Quiltville quilts on one page for convenience. There are currently ten in various stages of completion!

The most recent that I've started (not necessarily the most recent pattern) is at the top. So the finishes will be at the bottom! Click the link in the name of the quilt to see all my posts about it.

10. Good Fortune is the 2019 Mystery Quilt. I tried a dark background for the first time, and I love it!

9. Heart of Ringo was a quick make with just three of the On Ringo Lake blocks. I wanted a quilt that was more true to Bonnie's original block, since my first go at the mystery, #8 below, went so far off script!
8. Ontario Shores will be my dramatically changed version of On Ringo Lake, the 2017-18 mystery quilt. I changed the block, changed the colours twice...hopefully it will be a flimsy soon!
7. Technicolor Turkey, based on Bonnie's Talkin' Turkey block in her book String Fling. Inspired by the multicoloured Talkin' Turkey quilt that Angela Neff did for the Rainbow Scrap Challenge in 2013, I did much the same thing in 2017. However, I have made it my own by revising the pieced sashing and adding a simple neutral border.

6. Moth in the Window, from Bonnie's Addicted to Scraps book. My plan is for 64 blocks, with medium grey sashing (similar to the photo) and possibly some applique in the border.
5. Rose Boll, based on Bonnie's 2010-11 mystery quilt, Roll, Roll Cotton Boll. My quilt is mainly red and neutral, and all florals! The pattern is also now in String Fling.
4. Wild & Goosey, also from the book Addicted to Scraps. This project has stalled somewhat, because the foundation paper piecing is so darn slow. Right now a 16 block wall hanging is my goal! But the flying geese in the sashing are definitely going to happen.
3. Flamingos en Provence is my version of the 2016-17 mystery quilt En Provence. I did it "live" during the mystery, and chose the colours based on a flamingo-themed fabric collection by Iza Pearl. There are also some design tweaks in the sashing and border.
2. Allietare+ was Bonnie's 2015-16 mystery quilt. It was my first time participating in the mystery as it happened, and it really converted me to her approach! I was so impressed with how much I got done in a short amount of time. I removed a row but added extra gold stars in the blocks, so that accounts for the "+" in the name.
1. Mod Trips. There are probably thousands of quilts that have now been made from this free pattern, Scrappy Trips Around the World. I challenged myself to make one that is different from all the rest.

And a funny note, for those who have read this far -- when I finally finished the blocks for Mod Trips, I said in my blog post that I would never do a quilt with that much repetitive piecing again! Or more than 20 blocks! Famous last words.

Last update May 21, 2021

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  1. Such a wonderful selection of WiP's, hard to pick a favourite heer!


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