Monday, October 20, 2014

Mod Trips

Here, finally, is my finished flimsy, made from a variation on Bonnie Hunter's Scrappy Trips Around the World blocks. From the start I wanted to use the blocks in a graphic, modern way, that is hopefully different than anyone else! I used 25 of the 12" blocks, so it is 60" square. To see how I made the blocks, please click here.

The rounded rectangles remind me of the late 1960s "mod" style, so I'm calling it Mod Trips.

I made half the blocks on my old machine, and half of them on my new machine, so the seam allowances were not perfectly consistent. It was a bit of a challenge to get together (!), but on the whole it worked out better than I had any right to expect.

I'm considering some fairly intensive free motion quilting for this, but I think I'll do a practice run before I commit to that! In any case, it feels good to have it done, because it took way longer than expected. As usual!


  1. Looks wonderful! Love the background especially.:)

  2. I think this is amazing. Really clever and effective. I doubt I could have conceived it - and I don't say that often. I'm very interested to see how the quilting goes. It's a great piece.

  3. Beautiful finish on the piecing. It's a great blend of the darker reds against a lighter background, without either of them being over powering.

    Have fun with the FMQ.

  4. Thank you, all! The plan for tomorrow is to make up a couple of pillows from the leftovers, and practice the FMQ on them first. I feel like I'm on a roll!

  5. this is pretty spectacular, I do like the way you have set the blocks on an angle, enjoy the quilting

  6. I really like your layout and you're right. It's really different from the others I have seen.

  7. Love it! I love the layout with the reds.

  8. Love your layout, something different !


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