Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Texas Star Schedule

Paulette made me laugh, somewhat hysterically, the other day when she asked her readers if we were ahead of schedule on any of our projects. We all know I am not good with schedules!

But my one successful schedule so far was completing all the individual stars for this project, Texas Star. Since then I have been sewing them together, on and off, and I have a good sense now of what is involved. So, a couple of weeks ago I did set up another schedule to get them all sewn together.

Here's my progress so far, the first 99 of the 333 total stars:

My plan is to add 12 stars per week, which should see them all joined by the second week of July. It seems far away now, here in the deep freeze, but the key to success is to make the schedule really easy. A few stars here and there in my spare time at the end of the day.

I have been really surprised by how soft the top feels! It's difficult to photograph "softness," but I've been trying:

I've realized that it's the English paper piecing that results in such a soft, smooth surface, because all the seams are left open:

Wrong Side
English paper piecing is definitely much slower than regular hand piecing, but I am so impressed with the result! I had been thinking that Best Friends Forever, which will also be English paper pieced, would be my last project using that technique. But now I think the door is open to another one, down the road!


  1. You've done a GREAT job photographing softness. I also really like the perspective in the first photo. This is looking fabulous. The white works so well - as does the yellow. The white fabric looks slightly fluffy. Is it a brushed cotton? Good luck with your schedule!

    1. Good eye, Jillian, and thanks! The white fabric has a smooth side and a slightly fuzzy side. I was not consistent about which side went where, so some of the diamonds are a little fluffy. I'm hoping it won't make a difference in how the quilt will wear.

  2. Love that little pop of gold in the centers! Your entire quilt just glows.:) I have to 'schedule' my hand work sometimes or it seems like I never get through it all!

  3. Your quilt is beautiful Monica! It already looks as if there is a very soft batting behind it. Excellent job on the photographs. You did manage to convey the softness; very well.

    The quilt looks fresh and light. Perfect for a summer finish:)

    1. Thank you! Yes, it does look puffy already, doesn't it? I know EPP is sometimes just backed, and not quilted at all, but I think I will still go ahead with quilting when it's done. I think a wool batting will be nice for it. You know, down the road!

  4. This magnificent quilt doesn't need a schedule...it's gorgeous from the first block to the last! And yes, it LOOKS soft to the touch! I love this quilt...keep going!! This is an heirloom in the making!

  5. Your Texas Star quilt is looking gorgeous. I love the fabrics and the colours you have used in the already assembled piece and yes I can see the softness in the top. The colours also help with this

  6. I love your Texas Star quilt! This one is on my " I will make it one day" list.


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