Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Top 5 Posts of 2016

WOman plans, God laughs

Each year that I've blogged, my list of resolutions for the new year has become shorter and vaguer. I've realized that for me, concrete goals and the creative process are basically incompatible. This year, my resolution is three words:

1. Follow the fun.

Over at Meadow Mist Designs, Cheryl is running a linky party where bloggers can share their Top 5 Posts of 2016. This got me curious about my stats, so I had a look at the numbers. I looked at most page views, most comments, and then added my own preference to the mix. Let's count them down!

#5 -- Sunny and Derivative. This was my two cents on the whole "derivative" controversy triggered by the Modern Quilt Guild this summer. Since my blogging focus is largely on the creative process, the issue was close to home even though I don't consider myself a modern quilter.

#4 -- Allietare Red Blocks. This post ranked second by page views for the year. Allietare was my first time participating in Bonnie Hunter's annual mystery quilt. It was a challenging project, but completely worthwhile. And it's inspired me to start a few more of Bonnie's quilts as well.

#3 -- 13 Cherry Trees. This post was ranked third by page views, and the one before it was second by comments, so I've combined them into a third place overall finish. I've been both surprised and gratified by how popular this quilt has been!

FYI, I've decided to make it bigger, and a wide border has been planned.

#2 -- Little Wooly Baskets. This post is #1 in page views, with more than double the page views of the runner up Allietare. The Woolie Contingent is large! Dawn Heese's quilt along was hugely popular.

My photo of Block 2 here, with the white basting threads all over it, seemed to hit a chord with people, and it was widely pinned on Pinterest. Very flattering! For a while I was concerned that it was more popular than the finished block, but I've realized that a) readers have to wait a long time for finishes around here, and b) I am mainly writing a "process" blog anyway!

And, drum roll please...

#1 -- Gwennie Medallion Month 1. This first post in the Gwen Marston-inspired medallion quilt along is definitely number one by comments. I've rated it as my best post because I certainly value comments more, and I think it is an entertaining story about the creative process. Plus, it's all original and I love how it turned out!

2017 looks now like it will be more machine sewing and less hand sewing. But, eventually I will figure out a new, ergonomic hand sewing set up too. A more supportive chair, to start with. All those people who told me to sit up straight when I was young are laughing now!

In any case, creatively, 2016 has felt like a very good year. God willing, my plan for 2017 is more of the same!


  1. What beautiful makes! Congratulations on a great, creative and productive year!

  2. Follow the fun! Yes, ma'am, I will do that. I love your blog and couldn't have pucked a favorite post.

  3. Follow the fun. . .I LOVE your plan! (I wish I had thought of it!) Great blog about your top five posts. I remembered all of them!! May 2017 bring you lots of fun!--Terry

    1. Thanks, Terry, you are welcome to use the same plan! I think it will be a sure way to a creatively successful year. And easy, too. :D

  4. What a great way to look at your year. Process is so important in blogging. I think that's why you've been so successful.
    Thanks for the second look at Cherry Trees. I love this soft vision - like cherry blossoms in the mist.

  5. Great resolution, I will have to keep that in mind. I also love the Cherry Trees, it's my favorite.

  6. What a delight to look at your 5 most popular posts. I remember each one and the project and the process. Following the fun is a positive way to approach 2017. If it's not fun, why bother!

  7. so much creativity must look to see what mine were shame that all viewers do not leave comments

  8. I missed the cherry tree quilt the first time around--it's beautiful!!

  9. Your Cherry Trees are absolutely gorgeous! I remember the first time I saw them how wonderful I thought they looked! And your woolie basket is delightful, no wonder it's been pinned a lot! Such an interesting look at the numbers, comments and/or page views. I got sucked down the rabbit hole yesterday after going to the linkup and forgot to post a comment here! Always a treat to see what you're up to!

  10. What a great post -great resolution, great way to handle the challenge of a new year. I can't rank my own posts, let alone someone else's but these are certainly up there. Your no.1 is a great piece of stitching writing. Here's to a Happy, fun-filled New Year.

    1. Thanks, Jillian! It was an interesting exercise -- start with the numbers, and then it was easy to pick the final five. It's like a Viewer's Choice!

  11. Great posts, I love the quilts you showed especially the cherry tree quilt, thanks for linking up!


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