Wednesday, November 27, 2019

Until We Meet Again!

Hi everyone! Long time no see. 😄

As you all know, I haven't posted in over a year, and I've decided to let my .com url expire. I'm not sure what will happen to the blog. It'll be somewhere in cyberspace I guess.

Everything is fine with me, and I hope you all are doing well too! I still sew now and then, but not as much. I have to admit, I've been mostly hanging out on mobile, where three emojis constitute a deep conversation. And it's just so convenient!

So, you can still find me on Instagram, @lakeviewmonica. 

Thanks so much to everyone who's been reading and sharing their work! It's been a wonderful experience and it's been so great to connect with like minded people around the world through our blogs. I really feel like drawing a line here is going to open up something else, so, it's definitely not goodbye. Until we meet again! Take care everyone.

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