Tuesday, September 11, 2012

What Happened to Sedona Star?

Some of you may be wondering what has happened with my Sedona Star project.  The truth is that it is not at all forgotton.  In fact, I am looking at this pile of half done blocks and templates every day!

Every time I sew I have to move this pile off my sewing table, so believe me, the project is still top-of-mind for me!  In the pile you can see:

  • Some of the Month 5 units, still in their baggie,
  • Some fused practice circles, which I probably could throw out now,
  • Fabric strips and templates for my remaining Month 2 paper-pieced blocks,
  • The assembled ring template for Month 1, which I am going to redo with different colours,
  • The paper original for Month 2, which I basically use as a "tray" to move it all neatly.
It has been like this since at least June, maybe longer.

But, while it wasn't sewing, I have done some more planning on Sedona Star this week.  Here's my test modification to Month 6:

I always felt that the applique blocks looked a little crowded, to my eye at least.  And I know that my satin stitch is going to make them a little bigger.  So my idea was to use my photocopier to shrink the appliques.  Here I cut out the middle of the template, copied it at 95%, and laid out the shapes in the original sized frame.  I am quite pleased with the result!  It is a subtle modification, but to me it feels more relaxed.

My plan is to set up the blocks with the paper-pieced borders first, and then just lay out the applique shapes by eye and fuse them all down.  This is one time when my low tech sewing room will probably make my life easier!  It is nice to have that flexibility sometimes.


  1. My Sedona Star has suffered a similar fate as yours. Just this evening I picked up the half completed mess to get at something else. Maybe I will get back to it soon. I am going to try to design something else besides the applique to go into those diamonds. I am not overly fond of the Pennsylvania Dutch look and with the hearts in there, that's all I can think of. I like your idea of making the block less crowded, though. Will be anxious to see your colors and end result.

    1. Thanks, Mary Ellen. Some of the others at TQS have also changed the appliques - Valerie's Australian one is amazing. You could even just put some circles in there - maybe a bigger one in the middle graduating out to a couple of smaller ones on each side, similar to what we'll be doing in Months 10 & 11. With some Kaffe fabric, maybe even fussy-cut, that could look great!

    2. As I think about it, the circles will make a secondary ring around the quilt - I bet it would look pretty good!

  2. I love, love, love what you have layed out for this block!

    1. Thanks, Connie. Most of the credit here has to go to the quilt designer, Sarah Vedeler. My main changes will be the colours. Stay tuned!

  3. Hey, thanks for the idea of using circles instead of the hearts. I sketched out a spiraling design (ala the "Spiral Mandala" book by Ranae Merrill, I think) which could be easily paper pieced. I was stuck on how to color it, though, and therefore haven't jumped into making them yet. If I could just swap out some simple circles for the hearts, I could get back on track rather quickly. Now why didn't I think of that?

    1. Always glad to help! You know me, more ideas than time!


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