Friday, September 7, 2012

Unwelcome Visitor

Not ten minutes after my last post, we noticed this guy in our backyard:

Yes, it's a skunk.  We smell them from time to time in the evening, and run around closing all the windows, but a daylight sighting is unusual.  We think this one is still young.

Our birdbath is quite a popular watering hole.  It is often stuffed to the brim with migrating birds in the spring and fall.  The sparrows especially like to all pile in at once.  Sometimes I think it would be a great location for a webcam!

And sometimes we have take the bad along with the good.  I suppose all God's creatures have some (inscrutable) role to play!


  1. but they look so cute lol. shame about the smell though. i used to love watching pepe la pew cartoons as a child lol

  2. Like Katherine, my experience of skunks is from cartoons and comic strips! I imagine they rather put other creatures off!

  3. Yes, poor lonely Pepe. Our visitor held us hostage all night! But it seems to have moved along now. And our days of open windows are coming to an end now that fall is here.

  4. I liked pepe la pew too. When I was young I brought some baby skunks (before they smelled) I found and thought had been abandoned into the house. The babies are so darned cute - like kittens. My uncle was a veterinarian but wouldn't remove the smelly sac so they were returned to the wild. Thanks for the memories.

    1. That is a fun memory, Connie! I bet they were cute.


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