Monday, January 30, 2012

Even Weave vs. Aida

Last week was pretty much a write-off for me.  We had to get the plumber in, and you know how much of a disruption that can be!  I didn't sit down at my sewing machine once.  The only thing I've been working on is this:

Celtic Spring - Two Weeks
You can see I've got a lot done since last time.  It's actually been hard to stop long enough to take a photo, I keep wanting to do a little more.

I am really loving working on this Cashel linen 28 count fabric.  This is the first time I've used it, and I feel like it is about to become my favourite.  My Juin sampler is also linen, 32 count even weave.  The fabric came with the kit by Bonheur des Dames, but I think it is probably the Permin linen.  It has finer threads and larger spaces, and is stiffer.

I've always loved linen in many different contexts - linen clothes, linen drapes and upholstery, linen tablecloths of course, and even linen knits.  This Cashel linen seems to have more of that natural linen feel than other fabrics I've used, and I am constantly admiring it as I stitch!

I am also finding it easier to stitch.  I know there is great debate in the cross stitch world about even weave versus aida fabric.  Aida is supposed to be easier to stitch, but I disagree.  Aida is easier to count, but it is much easier to make neat stitches on even weave.  With aida it is very easy to accidentally split the thread of the fabric, and you never know it until you come back on the next row and realize the stitch is off.  There is no splitting the thread with even weave.  If you do put the needle in the wrong place, you know right away and it is simple to fix.

So I am finding this piece to be very relaxing over all.  There have been some challenges with the pattern and the metallic threads, which I will talk about in the next posts, but no huge problems.


  1. Another thing that I like about even weave is that I find it just so much more beautiful than Aida, which looks industrial to me.

  2. To me, if you are making a framed picture that will be hung on the wall behind glass, I don't think there is any aesthetic difference between aida and even weave. Sometimes aida is more appropriate - it supports heavy stitching better and is more opaque. But, if you're making something that will be handled, then I prefer the softer linen.

  3. just caught up with your aida evenweave piece. Like you I prefer evenweave but must admit I usually use the cotton not linen and these days finding 28 count a bit difficult and find I cannot work on the dark fabric at all.
    Beautiful stitching of these ladies.

    1. Thanks, Margaret! I find that it is definitely easier to get a neat stitch on evenweave. I agree that dark fabric is a trial! I have an old ufo on black aida, and I haven't yet decided if I will attempt to finish it!


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