Thursday, April 19, 2012

Month 4 Disaster!

I definitely should have stayed in bed this morning.  But instead, I spent the morning merrily working on the last ring for Sedona Star Month 4, congratulating myself the whole time because I felt I had really mastered it.  I got it all together and this was the result:

The first two were perfect!  What happened with this one?

I checked my seams again with pins at the corners, and found that even though I was right on the lines, several of the corners were off by about 1/16".  And because they were always off in the same direction, it added up.  Overall, the size of the circle is 9.75" instead of 10".  And you can see how wobbly it is.

So for the rest of the afternoon it looks like my seam ripper will be busy.  Without fail this month, every time I let my mind wander or I get cocky, I make a mistake.  It really requires complete focus.

Oh, well, it is fixable. 

Plus, halfway through the morning, a heavy painting spontaneously fell off a shelf and broke my beloved Enso meditation timer/alarm clock.  So that's going to be expensive to replace.

What a day!


  1. What a shame about the Enso timer! Hope the painting itself wasn't damaged as well.

    I am really bad at measuring, even when I try very hard, so I commiserate. I hope the unpicking was swift and uneventful!

  2. Thanks, Jillian. No, the painting only had the smallest nicks in the back corners of the frame that go against the wall. And I am lucky that it missed the crystal lamp that was beside the clock!

    I unpicked a few seams, but then I went back to my English Paper Piecing to clear my head!

  3. Q quarter of an inch doesn't seem like a big disaster over the circumference of the circle. If you take the paper off before you sew on the next ring, you should be able to ease in the difference. Sarah says to leave the paper/stabilizer in until the end (I think she's nuts - who is going to want to tackle that project at the end?), but I found it to be hugely difficult to set in the circle with all the bulky and stiff paper in the way. If you stay stitch the edges of your circles, and remove the paper at least in the seams, you may not have to rip and resew. Sew them together initially with a longer stitch, too, so that if some adjustments are necessary, it will be easier to rip. When you are satisfied with the fit, go over the seam again with a regular, shorter stitch. Good luck.

  4. It is a quarter inch in the diameter, not the circumference. Maybe the photo doesn't make clear just how wobbly it was - it is not remotely flat. Believe me, unpicking the seams will be easier than trying to stretch it into a hole that will be too big for it.

    I appreciate the thought, though! Thanks, Mary Ellen.

  5. Oh, boy, I don't envy you that task. But I think we have all struggled with this project. I am kind of disgusted with it myself, but hope to get back to it this week. Good luck.


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