Friday, August 10, 2012


Our basement flooded this morning.  Fortunately, it was not widespread, but unfortunately, it was right where I keep my stash!

I woke up to heavy rain, and when I looked outside the street was flooded, so I went straight down to the basement.  The usual problem areas looked ok, but then I heard water rushing in the room where I keep my stash.  I'm sure you can imagine my horror when I saw that the window well (like the one in the photo) was completely full of water.  It was gushing through the seams in the glass and literally falling in a little waterfall down my plastic storage bins.

So much water fell so quickly that our neighbourhood storm sewers were completely overloaded, so all the water from the eavestroughs and window wells had nowhere to go.  On the side of the house that flooded you can see how the water was running over the grass:

Fortunately we were able to bail out the window well just as the rain was slowing down, so the damage seems confined to just the one room.  Thank goodness for the plastic bins, because it doesn't look like any of my stash was damaged, even in the bins that were directly under the waterfall.  Several other cardboard boxes were damaged, but I don't think I had anything too fragile in them.  The carpet will probably have to be removed, and maybe the plywood subfloor as well.  Fortunately again, it was just rainwater and not sewage, otherwise this would all be another story!

There's nothing like a minor disaster to make you realize that you have too much stuff.  Hopefully this will motivate us to do some clearing out!


  1. I'm glad things weren't too bad with your flooding and as you say it was only rainwater. so much better than dirty river water with god knows what in it lol. If you lift the carpet quickly and get some air in there you might be right re the floor. Fingers crossed for you that it will be quite quickly and easily fixed.

  2. Thanks, Katherine! We had the carpet taken out last night, and there is a big industrial dehumidifier going full blast in there now. I'm hoping that I will actually come out ahead once all is said and done, because I've been unhappy with the situation in that room for some time!

  3. Glad you can see the positive side. It sounds like a bit of a heart-stopper, though. Much better the lake view is outside the house!


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