Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Fall Colours

In Japan they have started their Koyo reports, so I thought it would be fun to do the same for around here.  It is still a little early for fall colours in Southern Ontario, but I did get some nice shots.  Last weekend my mom and I drove up Lakeridge Road, past Hy-Hope Farm, around to Uxbridge, and then back home.

Some of my favourite shots are always of the ditches beside the road:

In the foreground are the purple fall asters, with goldenrod and sumac bushes further back.  I always think these would be a great colourway for a Fair Isle sweater in the style of Alice Starmore!

The sumac puts on a consistent show every year...

...and the purple asters and goldenrod are a nice contrast on their own too:

Even the new invasive grasses have their charm:

It was difficult to find more than a single tree here and there that had changed colour.  This hillside by Dagmar ski resort looked great in the sun:

I must admit that the above photo has been enhanced somewhat to get the colours to pop, because by the time I got the car stopped and the camera out, the sky was doing this:

Hy-Hope Farm on Lakeridge Road was busy.

Out front were many photogenic bushels of produce from the fall harvest:

Inside we bought a couple of butter tarts and some apple pie for later.  Their pie has always been good, but this time the crust was particularly nice, crisp and flaky.

Then we continued around up to Uxbridge.  I've been nostalgic recently for some small town Ontario scenery after watching The Cry of the Owl on tv, which was filmed nearby in Port Perry.  Uxbridge is very typical too:

You can click any of the photos to see them larger.  Uxbridge supports both a good knitting shop, On the Lamb on the main road, and a great quilting shop, the Quilters Cupboard, on the edge of town.  It was my first time at the Quilters Cupboard, and I was very impressed with the selection, especially of small prints and Civil War reproductions, which I have been hankering for recently.  I have been realizing that my stash has too many large prints!  Unfortunately there was a shop hop going on when we were there, so the place was packed.  But it will definitely be worth the drive to go back.

It will still be a couple of weeks before our own maples change colour, so it was nice to get a preview.  A great day!


  1. what a wonderful trip you had and so many beautiful things to see, the wild flowers are great and the farm produce made my mouth water.
    To top it off a great quilt shop, thanks for sharing it all with us.

  2. Really lovely, Monica. It gives a great sense of place. We were out and about in the hills around Adelaide last Sunday, admiring the Spring blossom and green pasture - wish I'd taken photos. It would have made a nice contrast.

    1. Thank you, Jillian. Yes, it would have been quite a contrast! I find the opposite seasons are the most difficult thing to get my head around with you on the other side of the world there! We all seem much closer online. :)

    2. Great photos. Now that's inspiration.

  3. Fantastic photos! Those fall colours really turn me on!


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