Sunday, November 4, 2012

Tipsy Tree Brooch

It was like opening Pandora's box when I pulled out the Allegheny Santa the other day! Those Mill Hill kits are addictive!  Here's another quick finish to show:

Cute, eh? This one is almost all beads, with some satin stitches and Smyrna crosses to give variety.  Less than four hours, all in.  My mom wants one too, so I have kept the pattern this time. I think I can dredge up enough supplies from my stash to make one more.

I'm getting in that holiday mood!


  1. a great addition to Christmas decorations

  2. Thanks, Margaret! Decorating me, you mean...

  3. It's great when someone wants one too - I can see why.

    1. Quite true! I am thinking I may give her this one, and make one in brighter colours for myself.


Thanks for your comment! Good to be back. :D

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