Monday, December 31, 2012

Happy Stitchy New Year

New Year's has taken me a bit by surprise - I've been so preoccupied by basting my nine patch. That's done! More tomorrow on that.

I did manage to run out to the backyard and take a couple of photos. The snow is deeper than my ankle boots, so I got a bit wet! The light and shadow in this photo of our flower pots make it look like the north pole, rather than just Toronto:

The hydrangea is always photogenic. I love how the two separate snowfalls have layered to give the flower heads pointy hats:

As far as last year's New Year's resolutions go, I am zero for three. Still no finished quilt, after at least five years of resolving to finish one! This year though, I am so sure I will finish at least these two that are basted that I am not even going to make a formal resolution.

Sedona Star is also not finished, as I already discussed. I didn't say, though, how valuable just making the commitment was. Maybe it was still too big a project even for a very determined novice, but it has required me to improve many of my skills, including paper piecing, which I now love!

My unplugged Sabbaths lasted until March. Now, rather than taking a whole day, I am giving myself more "time outs" when I need them through the week. It seems to be working, so that was a valuable exercise too.

Intentions for 2013
  1. Learn hand quilting
  2. Hand quilt one project
Plus there are a few UFOs that are ready to drop that I would like to finish by spring:
The chickens and the yoyos are both slated for hand quilting, so maybe I won't finish them by spring, but at least I'll make a start. After the past year, Collector is feeling extremely easy, so I want to at least get the flimsy done by spring. Depending on how it goes, I may hand quilt that one too.

Right now, though, I am laser-focused on getting these two basted quilts quilted. Starting tomorrow!

Happy stitchy new year!


  1. Happy New Year back! It's snowing here, too. Already about an inch on the ground and another inch promised. Pretty good as close as we are to the Mason Dixon line!

    1. Thanks, Mary Ellen. I guess your earlier snowfall didn't stay, then?

  2. lots of resolutions fingers crossed they come through with flying colours, with all that snow a good excuse to stay inside and stitch

  3. Happy New Year! Your photos are fantastic. Just what we needed last Friday when it was 112F here!

    I like your move to intentions from resolutions!


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