Tuesday, January 8, 2013

A Few More Texas Stars

I am so excited, because I have two old, old stitching UFOs that are really close to completion. Maybe one more day each. Neither of them was on my to do list for this winter, but, well, you know. I was organizing my stitching box, and I saw how close they both were, so I got distracted. I can't show you those yet, but in the meantime, here's some more Texas Stars:

I have been avoiding picking a favourite fabric in this quilt, because there are so many nice ones, but I think this one above would be it. It reminds me of Hawaii, with the sun and scudding white clouds. This is a very old fabric, I don't remember buying it at all.

These next two I did just buy specifically for this quilt. They are from the Home Front collection from Connecting Threads:

I found a lot of fabric with apples in my stash. Here is another very similar one that I have in a few different colours:

Progress on the quilt suffered quite a bit during my wrist troubles. English paper piecing seems to be particularly hard on my hands and wrists. But, I have found that if I stick to just one star per day I am ok.

My wrist problem, by the way, turned out to actually be a pinched nerve in my shoulder. I have changed the way I stitch so that I sit back and bring the stitching close to my body, keeping my elbows by my sides. So far, this is working really well. Computer work, especially typing, is the only thing that really still bothers me. So I'm sorry if I ever seem terse in the comments!

Hopefully I'll have some finishes to show soon. Happy stitching!


  1. great variety of stars here, my favourite is the third one with the bright blue main fabric.
    So a pinched nerve, now you can get back to what you love doing and take the necessary steps to avoid the problem re occuring.

    1. Thank you, Margaret. Yes, it is a relief to have it figured out!

  2. They are coming together beautifully. I am glad that you have worked out what has been ailing you and can now work towards getting it fixed etc.

  3. All of the stars look great, but I really love the first star. It does look very Hawaiian. Great background fabric as well. What a fun quilt to be working on! Looking forward to seeing those almost finished UFO's. Hoping a full recovery comes soon.

  4. I like the apples in the bluey-green best - a bit 1940s. Good to have the pain figured out, but hard, I imagine, to accept the limits. One a day, isn't too bad.

    1. Yes, I love those 30s/40s reproductions too. They are so cheerful!

      If I did one every day, that would be great! But you're right, it's hard to get used to moderation. :)


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