Friday, March 8, 2013

Scrappy Trips Variation

The original instructions for these Scrappy Trips Around the World blocks are here. If you look closely, you can see that I have introduced a slight variation:

The red and white fabrics down the main diagonal alternate, while all the others remain the same. I did this for two reasons:
  1. I don't want the main diagonal to distract from the red squares in the final layout.
  2. I'm hoping that down the road people may look closely and wonder, "how'd she do that?"
Well, this is how!

Each block uses six half-WOF (width of fabric) strips. Because I am almost always cutting from full-width pieces of fabric, I naturally get two half-WOF strips, so it makes sense to sew the blocks in pairs. I sew them together in the same order for each block, using a different red and white fabric in each set:

I continue to follow the instructions until both sets get to this point:

Then I pull out every other strip:

And replace them with the corresponding strips from the other set:

VoilĂ ! Another two blocks done. :)


  1. I am hoping to do one of these quilts on one of my retreats going to bring my scraps and see what I can do.
    This would be a great quilt guild swap too!!
    Would have liked to have seen you at Irene`s hope you are better! it was loads of fun, talk and getting some work done

  2. I love your choice of fabrics. The finished quilt will be very pretty. Inspired piecing technique as well.

    1. Thanks very much! We all stand on the shoulders of those who went before. :)

    2. Artists have always learned from those that came before them.

  3. a great design and good to read how you have done it, thsnks

  4. I believe I have already mentioned that this pattern is on my (lengthy) to-do list. Your color choices are very nice and the fabrics with the words on them certainly add interest!

    1. Thanks, Mary Ellen. I'm hoping that it will be interesting to "read" my quilt once it's done. Who knows what words of wisdom may be in there!

  5. It's a great effect. Well done!


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