Monday, April 22, 2013

First Couple for Août

All twelve of my monthly samplers from Bonheur des Dames feature this young, enraptured couple in the centre:

Here they are dressed for the country in August. This time around I have decided to finish each motif completely before starting the next. When I did the Juin sampler I got stuck with all the tiny backstitching at the end, which was quite a chore. But it's not so bad in small doses!

Not much to show, I know, but even this minute little finish is heartening these days. I've had so many distractions!


  1. Such beautiful stitching. It is going to make for a great project.

  2. I love all these French words and titles. In September a friend's son is getting married in southern Germany and I am invited. She is my oldest friend from high school days. She wanted to know what I wanted to do the second week of my visit, after all the wedding stuff is over. Paris popped into my head. So that is what we are going to do. Three and a half hours from Heidelberg to Paris on the fast train! Really, I would be happy with a slow train. Love trains. So, starting in the July summer session, I will be taking two French language courses back to back. One night a week, four nights in July. I had French in college, but that was SO long ago. Just looking not to embarrass myself in Paree.

  3. I love the completeness and satisfaction of finishing a piece like this - the focus on something that will never be repeated in the same way and tells its own story.It's a little bit of perfection. Thanks for sharing it. It is uplifting.

    1. Thanks very much, Jillian! It is just a section of the larger work, but it is fun to have the little finishes along the way.


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