Wednesday, December 11, 2013


Well, I'm taking off early this year, so I'll wish everyone a happy winter holiday now! I did not have time to finish all the placemats from the last post, but at the least the potholders were finished before I packed it all away:

My internet access will be sporadic, but I'll still be sewing, I hope!

And, let me be the first to ask you, have you been considering any New Year's resolutions? I have! Last night I heard a local radio DJ who has resolved to gain weight over the holidays, lol. This made me think that maybe it is time for a whole new attitude to New Year's resolutions. Feel free to leave any of your "anti-resolutions" in the comments, and I'll be back around the New Year with mine!


  1. Does the little Aloha mouse mean a trip somewhere warm for you? Lucky lady! What ever you are up to, I hope you have a great holiday season and I will look forward to seeing your resolutions in the new year. (In the meantime, I'll be working on my own list.) Joyeux Noël!

  2. Have a lovely time over Christmas and the new year, re resolutions afraid I do not make any.

  3. Enjoy your break. Looks like it might be happening somewhere warm. My only resolution is to construct the Betsy Morgan toy chest etui that I embroidered from Beating Aound the Bush in 2012 before BATB in October 2014!

  4. That little mouse is the cutest decoration ever!!! Maybe if i made the resolution of not finishing any quilts, and buying too much fabric I'll break them and do the opposite. Hmmm, it's worth a try. Wishing you a wonderful festive season!!

  5. I don't normally make resolutions apart from joining in on ridding embroidery ufos a few years back lol. I succeeded with all my original started projects but then there were the ones handed over by my mother which created a nightmare of sorts. Well all sorted now.
    This year I made a resolution to downsize the amount of time on the computer ie generally blogging. I am now a private blogger with a select few and am much happier about it all.

  6. Thanks everyone for your well wishes! As you now know, it turned out a little differently than expected! But, my New Year's post is already written, for better or worse. See you in the New Year!


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