Saturday, May 17, 2014

Four More Snowmen Blocks

I haven't had much time to sew this week, but I do have another four of the log cabin snowmen blocks to show you.

My original plan was to use just the almost-solid blenders on the front of the quilt, and have a very graphic, more modern look. The white snowflake fabric in the block above was intended for the back. However, once I started cutting the strips for the blocks I realized that I didn't have enough for the top, and I had to "borrow" from the back.

That's what I get for buying the fabric before I finalize the design! But, I'm actually quite pleased with the way it looks, I think it adds a little sparkle to the quilt.

I hope I still have enough fabric for the back!


  1. I really like the snowflake fabric and agree it gives sparkle. If you had asked my opinion before you added it, I would have been luke-warm but it great. I'm no good at predicting what will work, but I know it when I see it, and this works!

    1. I think that's what keeps it interesting -- the surprises along the way! Thanks Jillian. :D


Thanks for your comment! Good to be back. :D

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