Monday, June 30, 2014

Planning the Basket Quilt

I am thrilled with how these big prints* are working with the little baskets so far! And I am realizing that the whole quilt will be fussy cut...even the backgrounds!

It just doesn't seem right to leave the large background prints to chance, when the baskets are so carefully composed. The dotted fabric above, and the zig zag below, are all scissors-cut. It's not actually that bad. Easier than trying to line up the rotary cutter, I decided.

The quilt will not be particularly scrappy. I have four background fabrics in the "dove" colourway -- the dots, zig zags, some butterflies and stylized flowers. I also have four main basket colours -- green, turquoise, orange and pink. Since everything is already so structured, I've decided to use a consistent formula matching up the baskets and backgrounds. All the zig zags will have green baskets, and all the dots will have turquoise baskets (although the fabrics themselves have a lot of variation).

I expect that this will make the final layout a breeze. Plus, it will reduce decision paralysis along the way, while making it easier to keep track of where I am. Especially since I don't have a permanent design wall.

So, 8 down, either 171 or 305 to go!

*Note that the green bamboo fabric is my stock, photo-background fabric, not part of the block. It's so useful for photos that I may never put it in a quilt!


  1. I have scissor cut my background or sashing fabric before too. Not very often because of course I do like things just off of perfect! Looks like your basket quilt is shaping up very nicely.:)

  2. They look great and yes that fabric does make for an excellent background. You might get these done quicker than you think!

  3. I think your baskets are looking great! You are much better at planning out than I am!

  4. Sounds like a great plan to me. I love the precision of these placements. I reckon it's going to look amazing.

  5. this is going to be "some quilt" looking good lots of fussy cutting but will be so worth it

  6. I don't think I've seen a modern version of these basket blocks. Maybe you're a ground breaker. Love how your fussy cutting has created such a unique basket. I'm not familiar with the line of fabrics you're using, so if this is typical for the line, you're going to have one interesting, jaw-dropping quilt. Good start!


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