Monday, July 21, 2014

Moving the Chains

It is now well over a year since I last posted on this project, which is my variation of Bonnie Hunter's Scrappy Trips Around the World. After I finished Edward's quilt this project became more insistent, so I have been working on it again, on and off. In American football they say "moving the chains," because if you keep moving steadily down the field, 10 yards at a time, eventually you will score a touchdown.

I think this is going to be a whole summer of "moving the chains" as far as my projects go. No exciting plays, just steady work. For example, this Scrappy Trips project is not great for blogging. With its two colour scheme, all the blocks look pretty darn similar:

Although this second block shows the danger of text-based fabrics in the upper left corner, where "hello" has become "hell," lol.

I also will have quite a few offcuts left over:

Each strip set yields seven or eight 2.5" slices, and only six are needed for each 12" finished block. With 12 blocks finished, I already have enough leftovers for more than 3 blocks, and I am debating what to do with them:
  • I could add another row to my quilt, which is currently planned to be 5 x 5 rows, or 60" square. My planned layout requires an odd number of blocks though, so it would have to go up to 5 x 7 rows, or 60" x 84", which is quite a bit bigger and a whole different quilt, really.
  • I could put them on the back, but it wouldn't match up well with my quilting plan.
  • Pillow covers. Maybe more pillow covers than I really need.
I'll have to see how it goes. In the meantime, I'm also still trimming hsts for my redesigned double star blocks, sewing a few hourglasses for the Hourglass Ticker in the right sidebar, piecing Texas Stars, cutting and appliqueing baskets, and doing a whole range of stitchery projects. I have a vague plan to finish one BFF block every Wednesday until that project is done. That will take me through to November!!

So, lots to do. :D


  1. like the range of fabrics you have for these blocks.You certainly have plenty of extra scraps for using again, I am sure you will thing of something to do with them

  2. I like your Scrappy Trips blocks! I am not sure if there will be enough, but maybe you could make a small lap quilt with the extra blocks? I have lots of projects going on, but hope to keep 'moving the chain' on them!

  3. "Moving the chains" is a great concept and analogy. I see a woman on a mission - and doing really well. I like the look you have created. I like the appearance of having been sketched. It has the sense of a hand drawing or writing, and I love that. My only response to left over fabric is to make bags!

    1. LOL, I had not thought of bags! I will give that some thought. Thanks, Jillian!

  4. I find it amusing that you have knowledge of football terminology! I guess I am moving the chains, too. I do finish things sometimes, too.

  5. Despite the hazards of text based fabrics, I love this combination. Kind of reminds me of French "toiley" fabrics. As to all to the left over pieced strips, blocks, etc., I'm looking forward to being inspired by you!

    1. LOL, thank you! A little here, a little there, is what I'm thinking of now. I am making a push on this one, so hopefully it won't go back in the box until the top is done, at least. :D


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