Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Honeysuckle House

Here's the last birdhouse for Leanne Beasley's Down in the Garden stitchery quilt. The curling vines and three petal flowers in the original design reminded me of honeysuckle. So, I chose a light yellow floss, and, after some trial and error, settled on these pistil stitch flowers instead. I think I left the best until last, because this one is definitely my favourite!

When you stand back, the birdhouse shape is dominant, which is what I hoped to achieve with the light-coloured flowers. This will be a wall quilt, so I want the structure to be clear from several feet back. Then you can step in to see the details:

Beasley has a great eye for line, and I really love the natural movement in all these curling vines!

Over the winter I seriously considered changing all the birdhouses to applique, and skipping the vines, but I am glad I stuck with the easier path. Now all four birdhouses are done:

Next up will be the four watering can stitcheries, which have some wickedly difficult applique butterflies. I guess I can't avoid them any longer!


  1. The bird houses look fantastic. I like the openness and light feeling with the stitchery. I think you made the right call about the applique.

  2. Hello Moncia,

    These blocks are stunning. It will be a great addition to your home.

    Happy days.

  3. I can almost smell the honeysuckle from her, a delightful bird house, all 4 look lovely

  4. I like the contrast between the straight and curved shapes and the way the curling vine echoes the circles. Well done - you're making great progress. I have had trouble commenting on blogs - including yours- while travelling. Hope it works this time.

    1. It worked! It would be helpful for everyone to know what you did differently this time. I think it is people using Apple products who have the most trouble.

      Anyway, thank you!

    2. The problem seems to be that when using an iPad or iPhone you are required to be signed in before posting a comment. Sometimes you think you are signed in, but because there has been a time lapse since your last comment or post, Google has logged you out. So you write a comment, but when you press 'Publish' you get a
      Going request from Google. Once you log in, your comment is lost and you have to rewrite it. Combine this with some really slow Internet connections and you have frustration. The moral is - before you press 'publish', copy your comment. Then, if Google requires you to login you can simple paste your comment. Tricky to remember when you are tired!

    3. Thanks, Jillian, that is helpful to know. I have that same problem sometimes, but it sounds like there is an added wrinkle with the time lapse, which doesn't happen on a PC. I know it can be frustrating.

  5. Love the honeysuckle house. Although that is the only place I like to see honeysuckle. It is an invasive species here. I am constantly pulling up the seedlings that the birds have gifted me!


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