Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Modern Utility Quilt

In her wrap of the second AHIQ link up, Ann said that "Modern utility quilts are an official movement."

Well, I thought, "my letters and words are not destined for a utility quilt."

But... I really could use a small quilt to cover my hand sewing chair, especially during the summer. And then, I was very inspired by the windmill quilts made by Ann and her quilting sister. Especially all the gorgeous Hawaiian fabrics her sister used. This seemed like a good way to use up some of those big prints in my stash!

My stash has a box called "Novelty," and I knew I had this fabric in there:

I bought it on a whim at a show, and I thought I'd probably never use it. But, now it is the inspiration for a whole quilt! I love the pink, red and white palette.

The Novelty box had other food-themed fabrics as well, including a couple yards of this sushi fabric:

I remember that I actually wanted more than two yards, but it sold out before I could buy it! I do love all the colours, especially the rich Chinese red. And that teapot is looking pretty good sewn up, too:

I found enough pink, white and red foodie fabrics for half the quilt, and then I filled it in with some ginghams (tablecloths!) and dots. With a hint of cucumber, citron, and lime:

Sounds tasty, doesn't it?

I think Ann's quilt is from Sujata Shah's book, Cultural Fusion Quilts. Ann's quilt blocks are square, but I thought they might look good as rectangles. A little more modern, a little more dynamic. The only catch with a rectangle is that you have to make half pointing left, and half pointing right.

Here are a few on the design wall, just to see:

I really, really wanted to do the whole thing fast and have a small flimsy finished in time for next Tuesday's link up. Unfortunately, I lost my head and ended up cutting way, way too much. So now it is queen-sized! Another big quilt! We'll see how far I am by Tuesday. Right now I'm only half way through the blocks:

And now I still won't have a suitable utility quilt for my chair. But, I bet the same block would look great in all my old Asian fabrics! And I think the box of Christmas fabric I have would benefit from some of this too. Maybe next year!


  1. What a fun way to use some of those novelty fabrics. I smiled when you said you lost your head and now have a bed size quilt. Proof that it was so much fun!

  2. Your novelty box is so much fun! I love your block and like Kyle I smiled and then giggled about the bed sized quilt part! We do get carried away don't we?? That's one of the fun parts of what we do!!! :) Terry

    1. Yes, I didn't know what size the blocks would be in the end, and I figured I could use the rest on the back. But really, it has worked out perfectly. I think it is just what I need!

  3. Lol Such a bright zingy quilt! Love what you're doing and the fabrics are so happy!

  4. Such a happy quilt! Love the tablecloths and rectangular blocks. You've caught my "large quilt" virus, I see. Once I planned a lap quilt and ended up with a king-size one. My family still laughs over that every holiday.
    I can't wait to see your quilt finished. Who cares if it's modern utility or improv or ...? It's beautiful, vibrant, and you. Congratulations.

  5. Such fun fabrics! Love your blocks so far. I always cut more than I need, I guess I can't count vey well. lol

  6. you certainly got carried away this is going t be a great quilt. Good choice of fabrics and like the rectangle shape makes a change from a square

  7. I love all of those fabrics. The ginghams are the perfect complement to the food fabric. Speaking of tablecloths and food, this would make a great picnic blanket or tablecloth as well.

    1. Thank you! I was disappointed with those Riley Blake ginghams when I first got them, but I have to say they look pretty good here!

      I'm debating if I should use "picnic" in the name of the quilt, somehow...


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