Monday, January 25, 2016

Allietare Stars

All those Allietare Week 4 sets that took me so long to make, will be used to make black star blocks. Here are my 25 sets, laid out and ready for their centres:

Bonnie Hunter's instructions call for 4" squares of our gold fabrics in the centre. I decided to make 4" gold stars instead:

My theory was that with the large variety of gold, taupe and brown fabrics that I've been using, sewing them into stars with a consistent background would give them some uniformity, and hopefully a little pizazz too!

Some of them are quite a bit darker than I expected.

It's funny how my camera sees those blues differently on different days! Anyway, some of these stars are a little risky...

...but I hope they'll be fine in the end!

Now the layout for the 25 star blocks is also done:

It is all darker than I expected, but....I think once the blocks are all sewn together the blues will tie in well to the blue in the red blocks. In any case, I'm not changing my mind now!

I think sewing them together will keep me busy for a while. :D

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  1. I see you have set more work for yourself. Looks very nice!

  2. It is looking good. Once you put the next part in place, it should even out. If it doesn't, just move blocks until it does.

  3. Pizazz is sure what those 4" stars add! I too encounter some blocks that are not quite what I envisioned. . .a little dark, a little light, not enough contrast. . .but, sometimes you just don't really "know" what you are going to get until you stitch it! I like where your project is going!--Terry

  4. Thanks, Terry! Between the deliberately unusual, and the accidentally unusual, there is a lot of unusualness going on in this quilt! But that's what keeps quilting so interesting -- that random factor. :D

  5. It's looking so wonderful! Love the extra touches.:)

  6. Adding the gold stars in the center of the blocks adds so much. It's a great look and is your own personal touch.

  7. The blue and gold stars are so bright and cheerful, I don't think they are dark at all. Great job!!

  8. I like the way the subtlety of your golds blend with the other colours in the blocks. It will add a lovely richness to the quilt. Looking forward to seeing them together with the alternating blocks.

    1. Thank you, I'm looking forward to seeing them all together too. I am keen to keep going now!

  9. this is coming along beautifully and so quickly too it will make a super quilt

  10. All of your gold star centres look super and your quilt is going to be amazing!

  11. Great plan to change to yellow stars. Much smarter to change it the way you prefer. Like you, I've been surprised how some yellow prints disappear against certain prints. It's an interesting problem.

  12. I like the addition of the yellow stars; the whole top is looking fabulous.

  13. Looking good! Another great project.


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