Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Mod Trips Finished

First finish for 2016! This is my version of Bonnie Hunter's Scrappy Trips Around the World. I call mine "Mod Trips."

Mod Trips, 60" x 60"
I started this project on a snowy day in February, three years ago. No snow today! But, it's predicted again for tomorrow.

My goal with this quilt was to make a version that was different from all the others out there. I think I succeeded!

It is straight-line quilted in a diamond pattern on my home machine with the walking foot:

I didn't mark it, just sighted along from corner to corner by eye. There was 28 wt white Aurifil thread in the top, and 40 wt in the bobbin. I used a longish stitch ("3" on my machine, and I usually piece at around 2 1/4), and I was happy with how that looked.

But it was not smooth sailing! I was very tempted to title this post...

Dratted Walking Foot

Three weeks ago I had about a third of it quilted, but the back looked like this:

You can see I originally planned twice as much quilting. But, why was it getting all bunched up like that? First, I thought I did a poor job basting it, because I had to do it on a smaller table than before. Or, somehow the fabric stretched out.

Eventually I realized the problem was the feed dogs. I had them on the highest setting, and they were pulling up the back as they worked. My machine has a pin feed, so I switched to that. Then everything flattened out and the walking foot chugged along beautifully.

But, I couldn't have half of it bunchy, and half of it flat, so I spent a day and a half pulling out all the quilting and re-basting it. I was very glad I'd used a longer stitch!

Except for a little cross in each corner, I decided to leave the quilting at every other row the second time.

It's been so long since I finished something, that I totally forgot how fun it is to sew on the binding! It really is satisfying to wrap up all the raw edges and close out the project.

I don't know how practical this scrappy white binding will be, but it felt like the right choice.

So, yay! One done. The pillows are also quilted, but still need backs and binding. To read all the posts about this project, please click here.

Although I didn't make any formal New Year's resolutions this year, I do kind of have one:

One old
One new
One flimsy
One quilt

Since this is an old project and now a finished quilt, I'm free to start something new! And yes, I already started today:

It is so nice to get the walking foot off the machine, and get back to regular sewing!


  1. I do like how the blocks are arranged here, they make a great pattern. How horrid to have all that unpicking to do but the end result so worth it. Have not come across the drop feed having different heights mine is just up or down. The fabric for the new quilt is very pretty

  2. What a great finish! Love the low volume look with the red and your binding is fabulous.:) I'm getting ready to use that Cultural Fusion book again too. Must be the season!

  3. I have a walking foot for my machine but haven't ever used it. Don't know if I would have picked out all that stitching, but the end results were definitely worth it, and it's a great feeling to have a beautiful finished quilt!

  4. Nice modern spin to the Trip around the world pattern. We've all seen several of these around blog land but this one made me take a second look. Well done!

  5. Congrats on your first 2016 finish. The quilt has a fresh contemporary look to it. Great job. I really admire your perseverance; I find unpicking machine quilting one of my least favourite things to do. Good thing you figured out the problem with the feed dogs and make it work. The quilting looks great.

    1. Thank you very much! Well, it was not bad to pick out, thanks to the long stitch. A "tv project." My original plan for this quilt was FMQ, and maybe that would have been faster, but the straight lines felt like a better fit for the design. I'm glad it's done!

  6. Yes, I do believe you have a unique setting for this pattern. Have you emailed Bonnie a photo? She likes to feature quilts made from her patterns on her blog, facebook page, or instagram account. Great finish. Oh, and there QuiltCam tonight.

  7. I love, love your take on your Trip Around the World. I had to go back and read all your blog posts to see "How you did it". The low volume look with the red accent is beautiful and is really one of the best interpretations I've seen. This pattern and technique has been on my list since it was being done by everyone. I think I need to get with it and look more closely to your layout. Fantastic.

  8. Monica, Beautiful finish! I like your modern trips very much! It is a wonderful layout. I hope you shared it with Bonnie as she would be tickled with you making it your own. I also like your new project!--Terry

    1. Thanks, Terry! I've just sent it off, I hope she likes it! I think the great thing about most of Bonnie's designs is how much scope there is to make them your own. After Allietare, I have a couple more I'm thinking about!

  9. Fabulous finished look. I like reading about your process of diagnosing the problem - such an important skill. Look forward to the new!

    1. Thank you, Jillian! This new quilt has the bit in it's teeth, and it won't slow down. I'll probably finish cutting it today. :D

  10. What a lovely finish with all the soft pastels setting the reds off beautifully. And the white binding seems perfect.


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