Tuesday, September 27, 2016

It's a Warm Finish!

It's Warm Inside is finally a finished quilt!

This poor quilt has really had its ups and downs. I designed it to be Quilt as You Go (QAYG), with the narrow white cotton sashings. But, between the fluffy flannel log cabin blocks and all the loose batting, it was way too dusty for my allergies. So, I pieced it all together and took it to a longarm rental place to quilt it myself.

Wait for the chorus...

That turned out to be a really miserable experience that started with a friend of the owner setting up a quilt on the machine I had reserved, and which went way downhill from there. I should have walked out right then, but alas, I was not as smart as the song. The clincher was when the owner told me that my quilting idea was wrong and looked bad, when I was about half done. Fortunately, there are other fish in the sea!

But, despite all the hardship, in the end I think it's a likeable quilt. The snowmen are jolly, and the simple quilting works fairly well on the flannel logs. I circled around all the snowglobes in the border, which made them quite puffy:

The fat red binding stands out well too. I had a couple of yards of aqua, white and red Christmas fabric that I think I meant for a border at one time. But it matched perfectly, so I used it on the back here, and filled in the remainder with the leftover snowmen fabrics from the front.

I have Mimi Dietrich's book Happy Endings, which includes this idea for piecing the label right into the back:

Since I had to piece the back anyway, it made sense to me.

So, I'm glad to have it done, only two years later than planned! I'm catching up. :D To see all the posts on this quilt, please click here.

The gnome? He kept his thoughts to himself.


  1. Sounds like a good place to avoid!! Sorry you had such an unfortunate experience. Glad you were able to rise above it and complete it. It's beautiful!

  2. I certainly like it, it looks like a nice, happy quilt. It is so satisfying to complete a project, isn't it?

  3. What a horrible experience - and what a triumph! I love the quilting and the overall unity of it, back and front. Yes!!!

    1. Yes, and there were warning signs on my previous visits, but I ignored them because the machines are nice. But, there may be a silver lining, because I have high hopes for the next place, which may turn out to be much better after all.

      Thanks, Jillian! It is still cute, so I hope it will be well received. :D

  4. I really liked the quilting pattern you chose and then hearing your experience, I like it even more! It's beautiful and the gnome thinks so too!

  5. You came out on top with this the quilting looks so good a lovely quilt you have made. hopefully if you want to use a long arm machine again you can find somewhere else to go, she will have no customers if she carries on like this

  6. I don't think there's anything at all wrong with your quilting design. I know I wouldn't be going back to that shop--so rude all the way around from letting a friend use the reserved machine to the critical comments--yeesh!

  7. I almost talk myself into trying QAYG then hear another experience like yours. I'm sorry about the long arm rental but this still looks good. And... IT'S DONE! Congratulations on the finish.

  8. Ditto what Margaret said. Turned out great!


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