Wednesday, December 21, 2016


After three days of work on my second new project this week, this is what I have to show. They look like they're about to fly away, don't they?

What am I making? A slightly simplified version of this...

Cheddar Broken Dishes is a vintage quilt that was included in the October 2016 issue of American Patchwork & Quilting.

I decided to make it based on some dark photos of the magazine that I saw online. There was some debate about that white sashing, but it seems clear to me that with dark beige or tan sashing the quilt will be both warm and elegant. And a cheddar quilt has also been on my list for several years now!

It turned out that in 2015 there was a "Cheddar and Indigo" fabric line from Penny Rose Studio that had all the cheddar, indigo and white fabrics I would need. Of course, I didn't stop there.

But, I did really love the warm white colour of the fabric stock. Between local and online sources I found enough of the four whites in the collection to make the whole quilt.

Most of the indigo in the collection was sold out already. I found the middle one in the clearance bin. The others are indigos from different collections.

At home I found these two in my stash.

And then, not in my stash but in an old project bag stuck in a box of old crockery, I found these treasures! They were meant to become all-indigo, hand pieced log cabins based on a project in Patchwork Tsushin. That did not happen. But, they had a quick wash and now I can't wait to see how they play in the broken dishes.

Ha! Yes, found with dishes, now to become broken dishes blocks.

I mean, seriously, look at this batik! Thank goodness I found it.

The vintage quilt in the magazine was made with 1.25" hsts, but I have enlarged them to 1.5". I have gone back to the same paper piecing method for hsts that I used for Hanami -- see here. 10 dozen are made, around 100 dozen are needed. Yes, 1200, which is less than the 1400 in the original.

Between this project and my other new project, Wild & Goosey, every level surface of my sewing area is covered in triangles. A strong wind would be a disaster! Plus, I think En Provence will finally get to the fancier triangles this week too.

I thought about starting three new projects this week, but for now, I think these two will hold me. I think I can fit in one more post before Christmas, but, if you're taking off now -- Happy Holidays!


  1. you certainly have masses of HSTs to make, so small can be fiddly and do not envy you trimming them all but so worth it for the finished quilt.A lovely selection of fabrics too

  2. That batik is magic! I really love your work so far. So elegant. Your process and thinking communicates so well the attraction of quilting. I'm not going to be drawn into taking it up but I am getting so much pleasure and interest from following.

    1. Thanks, Jillian! This one will be quite calm, compared to some of the others. It will be interesting to see which one appeals more to me over time! My wrecked back has put hand stitching on hold, but for now I'm enjoying this!

  3. I love indigo and cheddar together--a great combination! I'm looking forward to seeing your quilt grow and how you change it up from the original.

  4. Oh, oh, oh!!!I love cheddar and I love indigo, but just never thought to put them together. I love cheddar so much that I bought an entire bolt of it from Mary Jo's Fabric Store in Gastonia, NC. This is the same place Bonnie Hunter got hers a few years back. And I have an entire box of indigo fabrics, including traditional ones used in German bed linens (indigo on white), shweshwe from Africa, and a bunch of others. I can't wait to see what you make.
    And, if it's any consoloation whatsoever, my sewing room is also a disaster. Also my kitchen as I am heavy into cookie baking; the floor will need a jackhammer to get it clean. Disgusting as it is, I am waiting until the weekend when baking is over before mopping. Oyr dryer conked out and the new one won't be delivered until a week from today. My husband is complaining, but better the dryer than the washer. We can hang clothes up to dry them. Hand washing entire loads of laundry would not be happening here.

    Merry Christmas!

  5. Yummy cheddar and indigo. What a lovely project.

  6. Oh, yes! Love the color combo! This must be a good sign that your health problems have improved since you are back sewing?

  7. Wow! The indigo and cheddar is a fantastic combo and you quickly gathered a great collection. Sometimes that's the best kind of project. One where you jump in and enjoy the ride.


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