Saturday, December 3, 2016

Last Two

The last minute work on Allietare continues!



...and the setting triangles are finished too!

So, all the individual blocks are now done. Next step, sew them together.

That's probably what I'll start on today. We had another easy clue for En Provence yesterday. Somehow, these easy clues seem less urgent! But, I'm sure it could catch up on me if I let it go.

I guess if I was really organized I could be doing the En Provence clue as Leaders & Enders... Well, no, actually, I'm pretty sure I'm going to paper piece the triangles in clue #2. I have the Tri Recs ruler, which I just bought specially for this quilt, but I think paper piecing will be less cutting strain. We'll see!

Anyway, have a great weekend!


  1. Such cheery fabrics you've used to make these blocks extra fun! How great that your blocks are FINISHED! Have a cup of tea and enjoy looking at all of them for a bit! Although. . .I sense you are on to clue 2!--Terry

    1. Thanks very much, Terry! Actually, I did a bit of both today. Clue #2 is cut, let's hope that tomorrow it will be as easy to sew as I thought!

  2. How exciting you've finished your blocks. Now you can start setting them together. I really like the Alletaire pattern. I downloaded it last year. I don't jump in until I actually seen the finished quilt, I don't want to waste my sewing something I don't like. If I were doing this year's mystery quilt, I would paper piece those triangle blocks too. I've got the patterns saved, just in case! Happy sewing! Gretchen

  3. This looks like a huge amount of work to this non-quilter - even with a tri-recs ruler, which I now know about because of your links. The last two blocks are great and the pile of triangles awesome. Happy paper piecing -unless you change your mind!

    1. Thank you, Jillian! I didn't change my mind, this time, and progress today was good, if still slower than expected. :D


  4. I'm tickled to find you are doing En too! I saw the start of last years but was too chicken. I wish I had now, it's gorgeous!


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