Saturday, February 19, 2022

Keep Going

It's so satisfying to watch the piles of units growing. I'm almost ready to start assembling blocks! This started as Bonnie Hunter's latest Quiltville mystery Rhododendron Trail, but I will be putting it together differently. What happens is that I play around with the units before the final reveal, find something i really like, and decide to branch out on my own from there.

I had none of the hourglass units made before the reveal because I was hoping to make fewer of them. Unfortunately my layout will actually require more! But it will be worth it.

I also wasn't sure how far my white on white background fabric would go, and where best to use it, so that is another reason I waited. Now, knowing my final layout, I was able to place some additional colors in the block. My blocks are more flowerlike, so I added orange and green to the pinks and purples. 

I used a few light silver grey prints as the background for the pink and green hourglasses. I'm interested to see what, if anything, the placement of the background fabrics adds to the final design of the quilt. I'm thinking that because they're less scrappy they may have a more dominant role, since they won't blend the same way. We'll see!

Those green squares will be used the same way as in Bonnie's quilt. The aqua print would have been that skinny sashing in Bonnie's layout. But, since I'm not doing that, I decided to use it as another background fabric. I love the combination of aqua and lime! I'm excited about all the colors tbh. 😂

How is everyone doing with their New Year's resolutions? I did really well for about two weeks. 😅 Oh, this is easy, I thought! It was worth it to keep reminding myself to release the tension, because I was feeling a lot happier. But, then distractions happened and I lost focus for a while. 

About a week ago I realized I had to refocus on my resolution. After I did, I started seeing other things I could do to make my life better. And a couple things to stop doing! I can at least say that I've learned not to beat myself up for getting off track. No special occasion required, just recommit and keep going! 

Happy stitching everyone! ❤

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  1. I am slowly putting Bonnie's mystery together too. I have all the pink and yellow blocks laid in their sets ready to sew but I am still sewing the hour glass blocks and trying to decide if I really want to do the alternate block like the original. I will be straight setting mine I know that. I have a beautiful aqua fabric I picked for the accent but I won't be using it as the sashing. Hmm, maybe I should use it with those hourglasses. Well I guess the first thing I need to do is finish sewing my pink blocks! I love your colors! They are my favorites. Glad you shared this. K-


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