Tuesday, February 22, 2022

First Rhodie Block

Here's the first block of my variation on Bonnie Hunter's Rhododendron Trail mystery quilt! Making circles out of squares and triangles just never seems to get old for me. 😁 I've decided to call it Rhodie Blooms, since it's more flowerlike than the original, and rhododendron is such a mouthful. 

My quilt will be square with 25 blocks. The remaining 24 are set up and ready to sew.

This should keep me busy for a while! I'm interested to see how the purple will fit in the block, so I'll do a few of those next.

Apparently Blogger has been bouncing or delaying the posting of some comments, so if it happened to you I apologize! But the settings are right so it's definitely Blogger doing it, not me. Thank you for reading in any case!

Happy quilting! ❤

Saturday, February 19, 2022

Keep Going

It's so satisfying to watch the piles of units growing. I'm almost ready to start assembling blocks! This started as Bonnie Hunter's latest Quiltville mystery Rhododendron Trail, but I will be putting it together differently. What happens is that I play around with the units before the final reveal, find something i really like, and decide to branch out on my own from there.

I had none of the hourglass units made before the reveal because I was hoping to make fewer of them. Unfortunately my layout will actually require more! But it will be worth it.

I also wasn't sure how far my white on white background fabric would go, and where best to use it, so that is another reason I waited. Now, knowing my final layout, I was able to place some additional colors in the block. My blocks are more flowerlike, so I added orange and green to the pinks and purples. 

I used a few light silver grey prints as the background for the pink and green hourglasses. I'm interested to see what, if anything, the placement of the background fabrics adds to the final design of the quilt. I'm thinking that because they're less scrappy they may have a more dominant role, since they won't blend the same way. We'll see!

Those green squares will be used the same way as in Bonnie's quilt. The aqua print would have been that skinny sashing in Bonnie's layout. But, since I'm not doing that, I decided to use it as another background fabric. I love the combination of aqua and lime! I'm excited about all the colors tbh. 😂

How is everyone doing with their New Year's resolutions? I did really well for about two weeks. 😅 Oh, this is easy, I thought! It was worth it to keep reminding myself to release the tension, because I was feeling a lot happier. But, then distractions happened and I lost focus for a while. 

About a week ago I realized I had to refocus on my resolution. After I did, I started seeing other things I could do to make my life better. And a couple things to stop doing! I can at least say that I've learned not to beat myself up for getting off track. No special occasion required, just recommit and keep going! 

Happy stitching everyone! ❤

Saturday, January 1, 2022

Let Go

Happy new year! How much tension are you holding in your body right now? I've realized that I've been in a constant state of fight or flight throughout this whole pandemic. It's just not healthy. Since it's the new year and time to think about better habits, my intention for the new start is to let go of all that resistance and defensiveness. It's an internal change not an external one. I still follow all the guidelines to keep myself and everyone around me safe. But I'm also trying to identify and release all the mental and physical resistance I'm carrying in myself. We all know that releasing stress is the best defense against illness. But I admit it's an ongoing practice. 😂

Not a very quilty resolution? Maybe, we'll see how it develops! 

2021 was a good year for my quilting. A dedicated sewing space has made a huge difference. So my plan for 2022 is to just carry on. I'm more in the mood to finish projects than start new ones. Of course, "finishing" may involve making physical some ideas I've been refining for a year or more on paper. 😉

My pictures today are from the current Quiltville mystery, Rhododendron Trail. But I've also been working on a dark background version of Grassy Creek that I may start sewing this year. I have several tops that are very close to done as well. It would be great if this year i can make equal progress on getting them quilted.

Rhododendron Trail is going in a different direction than I first planned. I pulled all those shadowy grey and purple fabrics for the darks, but I'm not sure I'll use them now. Since the clues are using large pieces in matched sets, I went back to my stash and got more large pink prints. And since my white on white fabric is getting depleted I supplemented it with those tiny hearts that just caught my eye when I looking around. 

I haven't made any of the hundreds of hourglasses in clue 4 yet because I was worried about how far my background fabric will go. I also plan to make the quilt square instead of rectangular, so my final numbers will be different. I'll wait to see how they are used before I start those. Hopefully I won't need as many! 

I hope everyone is hanging in there! Take care of yourselves. ❤
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