Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Juin Sampler

I very nearly started a new project yesterday!  Wouldn't that be just what I need.  I was still in the hand sewing mood after my unplugged Sunday, but my yoyo project is on hold.  I decided to use a different binding for the yoyo quilt - instead of Kaffe Fassett's red Kirman fabric I will use the orange.  I think it will show up better.  I want to make a few yoyos from it as well, so now I am waiting for fabric. 

That is how UFOs happen, isn't it?  You change gears and pick up something else, and lo!  A new UFO.  But, rather than the new English paper piecing project that I am really dying to start, I convinced myself to work on this instead:

Juin Sampler

This cross stitch and petit point kit is from Le Bonheur des Dames in France.  If you look you will see they have a ton of tempting projects!  This one is from a series of twelve monthly samplers.  Although this is the first one I have started, the other eleven are in my stash!

This is a UFO that I began some time around 2003-4, but the fine stitching was just beyond me at that point.  It is 32 count even weave.  The cross stitch is over two threads, and the petit point over one.  I picked it up again last year, during my Year of the UFO, and it was much easier.  I've been working it on and off ever since.  Now that it is my only counted thread project, I have a feeling it will go faster!

At least until my fabrics arrive...

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