Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Nine Patch Update

Here are a few more of my nine patch blocks done.  I cut the fabric over a year ago, and it has been great rediscovering them as I sew.  Three of the lights you see here are from a set of "conversationals", based on historic designs.  They were 10" squares that I bought from Keepsake Quilting.  They are now out of stock, which is too bad, because I would love some more!

When I've been sewing these nine patches it's been the first time that I've really consistently managed the direction the seams are pressed, so that subsequent rows will "lock" together.  I am amazed at how much it helps!  These blocks have been going together beautifully, even though my cutting was sometimes off.  I didn't do this on Edward's quilt, and I am paying for it now, because it has been really challenging to get the seams to match.  And on that quilt it's pretty important!  I can feel that I am about to become quite fanatical about pressing!

Speaking of pressing, I am also quite devoted to my Clover pressing tool, the white plastic thing you see in the photo.  I don't have room for an iron in my sewing area, but even if I did, I would prefer the Clover tool.  It seems quite elegantly low tech to me!  And the hard plastic doesn't distort your fabrics like a wooden tool would.

Although I'd love a huge quilting studio, I am also very impressed with many Japanese quilters that I've seen featured in magazines, who make huge complex quilts in tiny spaces and with minimal technology.  I think many Japanese quilts have been made completely without electricity!  I feel a lot of sympathy for such a simplified approach, although I will not be giving up my sewing machine any time soon!

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