Monday, January 23, 2012

Status - Sedona Star

Once again, I've been thinking hard about Sedona Star this weekend.  There's been a heck of a lot of thinking considering I haven't done any sewing yet!

The whole kerfuffle with the way the templates don't print properly on some printers, including mine, has somewhat got my back up.  I had to ask myself if I should do the quilt at all.  I wanted the quilt to be a stretch for me, but chasing down technical fixes wasn't exactly what I had in mind!  I've only bought about a third of the fabric so far, which could always be used somewhere else.  But the thought of not doing the quilt felt like going backwards, so I knew I still had to do it.  Quilters are resourceful, right?  My drafting skills are pretty good, and I think I will be able to draw in the parts of the templates that don't print.

So, I'll be doing the whole thing by machine.  I'll use the Ricky Tims Stable Stuff, and leave it in the quilt until the end.  I'll use Beth Ferrier's method of turned edge applique by machine, and use her fusible wash-away applique sheets, which should also help stabilize the lightweight shot cottons.  I can see the whole thing will be much quicker this way, and even though fast is not always a priority for me, it will give me more time for other projects as well, which also feels good.

Of course, the Stable Stuff and the applique sheets will have to be bought, which will have to wait until February.  But, that gives me three weeks to work on my other quilts, which I think will be a very good thing!


  1. My recommendation is to print out the templates on regular paper and see if the light gray squares (the background grid) measure 2" square. If so, you are home free. I think that was the only issue I gleaned from all the posts about the templates.

  2. What troubles are you having with the templates printing? It's so hard to keep up with which person is having which problem on the forums! The grid is actually supposed to be yellow, I believe. There will be pink printing on the templates as well, so you need to be sure that you're printing in color. One of my printers would NOT print pink! Luckily I have four printers.
    I used Stitch-N-Wash pre-cut sheets for my stabilizer. As far as the applique, I don't envy anyone that has to manually do the applique stitch. That said, I think it would've been quicker for me to do it manually than in my embroidery hoop. My machine did NOT like the thread we were to use for the samples. I've since bought another machine!

  3. Thanks girls. My problem was with the margins, however, I understand that there are in fact corrected templates available now, so I will look at those when my fabric arrives.


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