Saturday, January 21, 2012

Another Change of Plans

Yesterday I was sitting and looking at Edward's quilt, which I had laid out with its border options, and thinking about my plans for quilting it.  I've gone through several different plans over the year that it's been a UFO.  Most of them involved some basic free-motion quilting.  Recently though, I decided to back it with a flannel sheet so it would be warmer and hopefully more practical in their cold basement where they watch tv.

The flannel sheet, though, will make the quilt sandwich much bulkier, and I doubted my ability to free motion quilt it in my old machine with it's 7" throat.  I decided to use the walking foot instead and quilt it in diamonds, which is a slightly industrial look that I quite like.  Looking at the top, I felt pretty confident about fitting it in my machine.

But then I started to think about Sedona Star, which is projected to be 88" square.  I really want some fairly elaborate machine quilting on it, I think it just calls for beautiful swirls and feathers.  I was prepared to do the practice needed to bring my skills up to par, but looking at my machine today I think I will be expecting too much.  A small quilt, sure, but not 88".

So, I have folded and decided to send it out for quilting when it's done.  There is a really good long arm quilter whose work I've seen in shows west of the city.  I will have to look into how much it might cost for her to really take her time and do a nice job.

This also means that putting myself in knots about doing the applique by hand is no longer necessary.  I guess I will be reconsidering my approach this weekend!

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