Saturday, February 11, 2012

Finished Flimsy

At my guild Rouge Valley they call unquilted tops "floppies" or "flimsies."  Do they do that where you live?  I had never heard it before.  I think flimsy is a pretty cute word, so I am adopting it.  It's much more fun than "top."

So the flimsy for Edward's quilt is finally finished!  Here it is:

This is not the first flimsy I've finished.  The last one was in the late 90s, and by the time it was done it was such a disaster that I couldn't bring myself to spend any more time or money on it.  The fabrics are pretty, but the blocks were all different sizes, and I had to adjust the width of the sashings just to get it all together.  And then I ran out of sashing fabric...  It was intended to be a scrap quilt, but it was just TOO scrappy by the end.  I still have it though, so you may see it some day.  I am keeping it for free motion quilting practice.

Edward's quilt has been a totally different story.  I did not measure the whole quilt until I had the white inner border on.  At first I thought I was a couple of inches off!  But then I realized that my math was faulty, not my sewing, and in fact it was almost exactly 52.5 inches.  At most an eighth inch too big.  That was very gratifying!  It made my day.  I really feel now like I have got the hang of this.

The one piece of advice that has made all the difference to me was something Alex Anderson said in an early episode of The Quilt Show.  She recommended that we practice our 1/4 inch seams until they are perfect.  Cut, sew, press and measure until the finished piece measures exactly what it is supposed to.  This was a surprising process for me, but it only took about an hour and a few squares of ugly fabric to get it right.  And boy has it paid off!  Thank you Alex!


  1. Its stunning! I really like the way it has all come together. I think we all have a first quilt lurking around just to remind us LOL. My first one was a log cabin which went together well but way back then we only had access to polyester not cotton fabrics and that horrible thick polyester wadding (shock). I made it for VCE art design along with a wallhanging which I still hate today. Both have ended up in quilt heaven over the years as they just wore out with the kids using them and the laundering etc.

  2. Thanks so much, Katherine! I'm pretty happy with it too.

    I remember when those super puffy quilts were the cat's pyjamas! My first quilt ever was going to be like that, but I am saving THAT story for when I actually finish this one. :)


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