Friday, May 25, 2012

Fabrics for Prairie Star

You know, just as I wrote that heading, I realized that this will be another quilt with "Star" in the title!  Oh well!

It is only a couple of weeks since I received the pattern for Judy Niemeyer's Prairie Star quilt.  I think it took me less than 24 hours to come up with the colour scheme!  For me, that is by far the funnest part.  Although, the fabrics arrived today, and that has been pretty fun too:

This quilt will be for my dad, who loves bright colours, and fortunately is ok with flowers.  He has been very clear that he wants a "lively" quilt!

You may recall that the original pattern looks like this:

Judy's design is done with batiks, but I knew that my dad wanted red and yellow, and I didn't like my options for batiks in those colours.  Once I decided on prints I went to the Collecting Threads website just to see if they had anything I could use, and they had just posted their new Riviera II collection.  I knew it would be absolutely perfect.  Talk about synchronicity!  So most of the fabrics above are from that collection, with a few from their older Folk Heart collection, which I'm glad to include because I loved it too.  And there are a couple of lights from eQuilter to round it off.

Judy very kindly included a blank layout of the quilt so we could do our own colourway.  I LOVE it when designers do that!  So here's the plan:

You can see I have gone back to a more traditional Lone Star colour layout.  I think it is going to be pretty amazing!  Fortunately my dad likes the fabrics, so I'm off to a good start.  But not right away, hopefully!


  1. Red and yellow are very active colors, so I am sure you will have a lively quilt for your Dad. I so want to try one of the Niemeyer patterns. I have heard they are very well done patterns.

  2. We'll see, Mary Ellen! I have to say a lot of it looks unnecessarily complicated to me, which I think is all in an effort to be frugal with the fabric. I've done my own fabric calculations, so I think I'll be ignoring most of the directions!

  3. Wow! Those colors are lively! I'm not much of a quilter, so to me this would be a huge challenge. It will be fun to see it progress.

  4. Thanks, Cynthia. I think it will be a challenge for me too - the sections are larger than I'm used to, but the paper foundations seem fragile. So I'm sure it will be a learning experience!


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