Thursday, July 12, 2012

Bullion Rose Practice

Cynthia Gilbreth has been doing the cutest project with a ton of bullions, so I have been feeling for a while now that it is time for me to master this stitch!  I have always felt that it was the most impressive, and most intimidating stitch.  I have done them in the past, but if they turned out it always felt more like a strange fluke than something I had any control over.

This week I've been practicing them again, and today I finally got it all together into a reasonable rose:

My first one!  You can see that the very last bullion came unwrapped a bit at 12 o'clock, but overall I am very pleased with it (and myself!).  So I finally felt empowered enough to get back into my Cottage Garden UFO, which is a design by Kris Richards from Inspirations 53.  This is how it looked at the beginning of this year:

This has been a UFO for several years, because I ran into some problems and couldn't think how to fix them.  I freehand copied the design in pencil directly onto the fabric, and you can see that the bottom edge slants up to the right.  The pencil also rubbed off as I worked, so I was going to have to redraw the rose bush that goes in the space there beside the hydrangea.  You can see it in the original from the magazine:

I was stressing about that rose bush, partially because of the bullions, but also because the design seemed weird to me.  There are purple hollyhocks woven between the roses, and I just didn't like it.  I wanted a little more definition between the foreground and the background.  The pink daisies in the lower left corner had the same issue.  I decided to move the hollyhocks to the back, the roses to the front, and remove the pink daisies entirely.

I had already decided in February to redo the orange daisies as well, which I had made too small.  I did the rosette stitches in the tree back then too.  So this is how it looked this morning:

I have made tons of progress since then, which hopefully I'll show you tomorrow!


  1. I take your point and admire your persistence to get it right. I've experienced similar perspective problems with garden arrangements, but never stopped to fix them.
    It's looking good!

  2. Thanks Jillian! I don't know if persistence is the right word. It's more that I can't bring myself to do it at all if it feels wrong. Maybe that is perfectionism! Which can be bad or good, depending on the situation. ;)

  3. I have a love/hate relationship with the bullion stitch, too. I have managed to make a few passable ones and some very, very bad ones as well. Yours look great! And sometimes it takes the passage of time and a fresh look at a sidelined project to figure out how to fix it and to summon up the energy to do so.

  4. Thanks Mary Ellen. I'm also planning to put some bullion roses on Sedona Star, so I really needed to get them figured out!

  5. Hi Monica! Thanks for the plug!

    You project is coming along very nicely. I love bullions, but they don't always love me. They sure take a great deal of practice. I only have two more on that project to go, then I can start on construction.

  6. Credit where credit is due, Cynthia! You certainly inspired me. :)


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