Sunday, July 8, 2012

Debbie Bliss Paisley Sweater Errata

I have been knitting up a storm:

This is all brand new knitting since the last post.  I started over from the beginning.  Now there are two complete reps of the zig zag panel, and there are exactly four in the piece, so I am halfway.

I am pretty sure there was an error in the instructions for the top of the paisley motif.  The instructions for Row 45 read "P5, C3FP, C2BP, p15."  They should read "P6, C2FP, C2BP, p15."  That's what I did, and this is how it looks:

If you followed the printed instructions you would start the cable too soon, and it wouldn't finish to a clean point.

I think I saw this pattern republished in a Debbie Bliss magazine, and I don't know if they fixed the error in that.

It is a pet peeve of mine that Debbie Bliss never provides charts for her cables or lace.  If she had, this error would have been avoided!

This week I also upgraded to the new Corel Paintshop Pro X4 photo software.  I am finding it easier to use than the X3, and much less buggy.  Plus, the manuals that come with it are better, so I finally figured out how to use the text tool properly.  You will be seeing labels on my photos from now on!  It is a good deal for $40.


  1. Sweater looks great. I am not an accomplished enough knitter to have figured out the error and would have proceeded with clunky looking motifs. Sometimes designers publish errata on their web sites.

  2. Your photos always look great! Love the knitting too. Love cables and aran patterns at the moment. I have never used a chart for knitting before in all my 30 years of knitting maybe it is time I learned lol.

  3. Thanks, Mary Ellen! I hope you've been well during the recent storms and hot weather. Did you lose your power at all?

  4. Thanks, Katherine. I'm hoping to improve my photos even more over the next few weeks, and try more "beauty" shots, rather than just reporting my progress.

    Aran sweaters are so relaxing, aren't they? I have been trying to psych myself up for a more complex colour pattern next, but I don't know how that will go. I used to be a much better knitter than I am now! More ambitious, anyway. ;)

  5. No power outage here, except for a few seconds. But this morning we awoke to find that one of our backyard trees had come down in the storm. It smashed our neighbors' fence and tore out some of their guttering. It's now lying across their deck. Tree service will be out this afternoon to deal with it.

  6. Glad you are ok, Mary Ellen! It's funny how trees always fall on the neighbours rather than our own houses. The same thing happened across the street from us last week!

  7. The knitting looks great - love the pattern and well done to sort out the error. I get annoyed at errors in patterns. You are right, of course, about the chart. In addition, some quality control by having someone knit up at least one pattern sequence from the instructions before publishing would pick it up.

    I'm impressed with your watermark. It's a VERY sensible idea.

  8. Thanks Jillian! Fortunately this error had an obvious fix. Sometimes you don't what the heck they intended!

  9. I am so happy to have come across this - I had just got to row 45 and became puzzled! Many thanks for that. Have you finished the sweater?

    1. Glad to help, Cat! I am almost done, just the neckline left. I should do another post on it soon!


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