Monday, January 20, 2014

Maybe Next Year...

Well, it was a hard fought game, but it didn't go our way. The 49ers are done for the year, unfortunately. Sure, the officials made a couple of bad calls against us, but were they game changers? We'll never know.

At least I got some stitching done! Two red stars finished...

...and 16 of the centre hexagons basted and ready for the next batch:

My machine is back from the shop, so tomorrow it is back to the regular programme. It's amazing how much I missed it, even just for a few days! But I'm keen to get a couple more finishes under my belt, so hopefully you'll see those soon!


  1. some nice hand stitching here Susan, I find it far more relaxing to do than machining but of course so much slower. It will be good to have the machine back and catch up on what you were working on

  2. Those hexi stars look as though they're spinning. I find it hard to take my machine in to be serviced, even if I have lots of hand sewing, I just like to know it's there in my sewing room. You'll enjoy giving yours a workout tomorrow!

  3. So now the Super Bowl is the Pot Bowl, as both teams come from the two states that have legalized marijuana for recreational use, Colorado and Washington. But more importantly, you got a fair amount of stitching done and your machine is back! How wonderful!

    1. An interesting relationship, Cynthia! But is it a causal one? LOL.

  4. So, after all that, do the "stars" stay in Texas for the time being? Where ever they choose to hang their hat, they will be the stars of the show! Love those spinning polka dot pinwheels.

  5. Love those walking red stars, even if they didn't get your team to victory!

  6. I was getting some stitching done too, but around here, the Seahawks are the team. In fact we were late to an 80th birthday party because the guys had to see the end of the game.:) Love your red stars!

  7. I would not have pegged you for a football fan. I have never been able to get into it. St. Loius is more of a baseball town anyway. Your hexies look great. I have piles of them all over. Kind of addictive. They need to coalesce into an actual project, though. I find that sewing them together is less fun than making the individual hexies.

  8. Thanks, everyone! Sorry for the delay in responding -- it's been one thing after another around here. It all seemed to have started with this loss, too! But, everything either is, or is on the way to being sorted now. On to the next season!


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