Sunday, April 12, 2015

Early Crocus

Here're some shots of our first flowers, taken on Saturday. These early crocus are half the size of regular crocus, and they are about a week later than normal. You can see the grass is still mostly dead, but there are some new shoots showing up in the next photo:

No, not many!

It seems like spring photos are all around the blogosphere this week. Wanda in Illinois has forsythia blooming already -- we have maybe another week before we see that here by the lake, but they may be blooming in other warmer parts of the city. Daphne in Victoria has full grown tulips, but Victoria had cherry blossoms even before they did in Japan. Rebecca gets the prize -- it is still snowing in Alaska. Although, Christine tells us it can snow at Easter in Greece too!

As you can see, our snowdrops are still holding on. This week will be the first week where every day will be above 10 C (50 F), so they'll be gone soon. With luck, we'll see the full size crocus by the end of the week. Right now though, this is all we have:

Ah, spring!


  1. Lovely photos! Now that I've moved to Colorado from California, I appreciate spring more. Where I live in California the dormant season (winter) lasts for two weeks in January.

  2. Our snowdrops are in full bloom and the crocuses are coming up too! It is so nice to see some colour!

  3. I'm currently visiting Canberra and have just come back from a visit to a nursery with friends - choosing their crocus bulbs to plant for next Spring! If they live up to the nursery tabs they will look just like your mauve ones.

    1. Isn't it funny how synchronicity can happen, even with opposite seasons? Enjoy your visit. :D

  4. Lovely photos! It's always such a joy to me to see the first crocus blooming in spring.

  5. What a beautiful name: snowdrops.

  6. We are past forsythia here already. Red bud, crabapple, and dogwood are blooming. I have a similar plant to your snowdrop. The German lady I got it from also called it a snow drop. But it's a leucojum, not a galanthus like yours. Maybe something got lost in the translation. It's Maerzbecher in German.


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