Monday, May 15, 2017

Organic Nine Patch

Once again, just one photo today. It's the second block for the two block improv quilt challenge for AHIQ:

This is another adaptation of Sujata Shah's Cultural Fusion techniques. It's the same process as her Crossroads block, adapted to a nine patch.

When I started making them, I thought that I would be able to adjust the process and end up with just two colours in each block. But that was wrong! When you make them four at a time, you always get a different colour in the centre.

Somehow, three colours in the block was less minimal than my original plan. Should I backtrack or keep going? In improv theatre you always say "yes, and..." So, I decided to just keep moving forward.

All the blocks are made, but not all trimmed yet. My calendar is pretty full this week, but I seem to have a lot of momentum here, so maybe I'll get the two blocks sewn together fairly soon. It's a simple plan!

Oh, and now that you've seen both the blocks (the slashed blocks are here), I can tell you the name of the quilt -- 9+.


  1. How funny. I just made some nine-patches with the same method. We must be linked these days.

  2. These I like! The colours work well and the quirky angles make me smile.

    1. Thanks, Jillian! They are cute, aren't they? I was hoping to make a grey, modern quilt that still had life to it. Honestly, I think I will exceed my goal!

  3. Super fun. I wish I had time to try everything!!!!

  4. I do like the wonkyness of these blocks must get my book off the bookcase and have a read

  5. Really really like where you are going with this project!!!


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