Thursday, August 5, 2021

Good Fortune Border Decision

Since my old PC-based blogging style just hasn't been working any more, I'm trying a different approach here with the Blogger mobile app. I'm hoping that more frequent, shorter posts will still capture my thought process without cutting into my sewing time. We'll see how it goes! 

My dark background version of Bonnie Hunter's 2018 mystery, Good Fortune, is finally sewn together. Since it's very active i thought a simple border would be best and I went with these free-pieced tumblers. The technique is by Sujata Shaw. I've admired similar borders by other quilters, so I figured this was my chance. 😄

When I laid it out, however, it looked a little unpolished on it's own, so I ended up adding that skinny pink line, which makes a surprising difference. I also expected to use orange binding, but that felt cloying and syrupy to me. I know I've said that before with a similar colour scheme, some time in the distant past. I prefer warm tones, but suddenly you hit a point where it's too much and you need to cool it off.

I'm hoping to get going on an improv quilt along that's currently running on Instagram. Before I miss the first week completely. 😅 I'll decide tomorrow if I'm going to finish this top first. 

And I can tell you right now this mobile app is not great for adding labels, so I'll have a think about that. Happy quilting! 


  1. Using narrow inserts among wider strips on the X block looks great. I don't know if I mentioned it before. And the outer border is great. This busy quilt needs a quiet spot. The narrow pink adds just the right amount of pop. Very polished.
    Is green your binding? I can see how orange wouldn't work now.
    I haven't even seen the blogger mobile app. Well, I think I have seen it but didn't realize we can post from it. I'm glad you're back. It's more fun to read about the process than to just see pictures.

  2. Thanks Ann! Yes, some kind of lime green for the binding I'm thinking. I may have to buy something, unless I find a larger piece somewhere. If I use one fabric for the pink line, I think the binding should be one fabric too.

  3. I love the colours you used in this quilt. Love the skinny strips of colour in the X block is awesome! Great quilt. I'm sorry but I thought the little strip of green WAS the binding. Oops! I'm sure you will find something great. ;^)

  4. I like that skinny pink line! That is a great border. I haven't progressed further on that project. The top is together; but, I wanted to make it a bit bigger. . .Good for you for getting this project this far!

  5. Love (!!!) the color combination you chose for this mystery quilt -- I have found that if I pencil scribbled notes about a future blog post I can take supporting photos and then it doesn't take nearly as long at the keyboard. I much prefer creating my posts at the computer rather than on a tiny phone screen. However you post, SO glad you are here!!


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