Monday, August 23, 2021

Good Fortune Flimsy

My version of Bonnie Hunter's 2018 mystery quilt Good Fortune is a finished flimsy! It's the first time I tried a dark background for one of her quilts, and I love how that worked out. If I start a new one I'm thinking I'd like to do a dark background again. 

It's also the first time I turned her design into a medallion by replacing the nine centre blocks with something else. I surrounded the Mariners Compass i discussed previously with some turned edge machine applique. Lucky coins and rubber tree leaves! The coins have been done for almost a year, but the leaves were inspired just recently by the AHIQ string tulip quilt.

The free-pieced tumbler strips i made for the border turned out to be short, so I filled in the corners with a few of those extra brown squares. Still plenty left. 😂 I'll probably use them in the next one too, if I do one. 

I keep saying "if" because I still have several other Quiltville quilts to finish, plus so many other large traditional quilts that have been started. I think I'm ready to try something intended more for art than function. I realized there's never going to be a perfect time so I may as well just start. I'll come back and finish these traditional quilts as a break between new projects. 

In any case, it's very satisfying to have this done and I'm very happy with how it turned out. My favourite so far!

It finished at 84.5" square, which is the size I prefer for a queen bed. 

Thanks again to Bonnie for another great mystery. The way she breaks down these complicated designs makes them very doable. I'm always amazed i made it!


  1. Stunning!! I love your take on the original pattern especially the dark background. Aways good to change a few things here and there making it your own!

  2. Stunning is right. . .WOW! The tumbler border and corner treatment is brilliant! Congratulations! I too am thinking about a dark background for the next project . . .let's see what happens. I haven't worked on Good Fortune in years. . . .perhaps I'll get back to it in 2022 or 2023! LOL

  3. I LOVE LOVE LOVE how you used her mystery quilt idea and totally created a quilt top that ROCKS!! YES YES YES!!!!!

  4. Love that dark background and bold colors, it's a beauty!

  5. The dark background is perfect, giving the whole a stained glass window effect. Brilliant idea!

  6. The colors are so wonderful. Love how the improv. leaves pop there in the center! Beautiful, beautiful quilt.:)


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