Tuesday, August 24, 2021

Just Start

I think it was back in January that I was out running errands and I heard Katy Perry on the radio. The lyrics were such an accurate picture of recent events for me that I just started to laugh. A few days later I thought it would be a great improv quilt.

But then the obstacles started to rise. I had SO many projects, and literally no room to work. I have some great Grunge fabrics i bought for an improv art quilt, but I couldn't find them. And what was the quilt going to mean, anyway? The original spark that made me laugh was gone. I got busy on all those other projects that I finished recently. 

Only... I kept thinking about it. 😂 But what was it going to mean? If it's just trivial is it even worth the time? If I try to make it more significant is the foundation strong enough to hold up? And where tf are those Grunge fabrics? My stash is toooo big. 🙄

This August the #30DaysOfImprovQAL started, and it seemed like a really good idea. I signed up, read the materials, watched the fun videos Shannon and Amanda put on Instagram, didn't start...

...because I realized the quilt i still want to make is this one. And I still don't know where those Grunge fabrics are, so I'm just going to use what I have at hand. 

This morning i was all set to pull solids for this quilt, because it's modern and improv and most people make word quilts with solids... and i didnt even do that. No more distractions, I'm just going to start where I am and see what happens. 

What's it going to mean? Idk.
What fabrics and colours am I going to use? Idk.
What am i going to call it? Idk but not idk. 😂 Hopefully something better will emerge.

Am I going to fall flat on my face? Maybe, but you just don't know until you try, right? I can tell you one thing. It's already bigger than I planned. 😅

I keep reading that as gold instead of cold. Maybe I'll run with that later. You can see i started with a mistake in hot too, but I left it. I filled in the right side with the leftover crumbs, which is kind of slow, so I hope I haven't set a bad precedent there.

We'll just have to see where it goes!


  1. I think your letters are just fine - keep playing with whatever ideas happen along. And maybe you'll even find the Grunge before you finish (LOL).

    1. I'm betting I'll find it right after it's done. 😂 Thanks Julie!

  2. It looks like cold to me! (I'm currently dreaming of cold...)
    And Julie's right - the grunges will show up when you're almost done!

  3. That Grunge will show up and you will say to yourself . . .I remember putting it there. . . .now! GAH!!! I like where you are going with your project and commend you for starting! So often, I delay and find all kinds of reasons to not start!

  4. Your sewing room sounds about as organized as mine. I am almost finished with a baby quilt scheduled for donation. It only lacks the last border which I cannot find after I made it and laid it down. Ridiculous. Anyway I like your quilt. You'll get there.

  5. I think these sorts of quilts often make the very best quilts.:)


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