Friday, August 27, 2021

Left and Right

The plan was to use the green fabric for "left." But left was completely finished before I realized! Anyway, it was perfect because I had just enough of the red and green floral fabric to fill in the space as it is now. Balanced! 

I'll be honest, the flying geese are pointing in on purpose. That's my little prayer that we can all find common ground in the middle a little more often! Partisanship has become so insane, and we are all less free when we let one side tell us what to think without even listening to the other. 

And yes, federal election in Canada on September 20. Don't forget to vote! 


  1. Oh My Goodness. . so brilliant what you wrote about balance! I wish that here as well. So true about being less free when there is so much shouting of whose idea/thought is the "right" one. Stitch on!

  2. I'm always so intrigued by letters/words on quilts. Your flying geese are an awesome addition to this one already!


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