Thursday, August 26, 2021

Ripping Seams

Yesterday I made "wrong," and today I made "right."

Wrong wiped me out, I was so tired after! Obviously the R and the G are a little challenging, but I needed the seam ripper a lot.

Then today I thought it would be easier, and it turned out to be worse. I actually had a seam allowance on the front at one point! 

So I've stopped sewing the words together while I have a think. It's probably time to improvise. 😄


  1. Your words are amazing! I look forward to seeing what and how you improvise!

  2. I'm not brave enough to tackle pieced letter so I admire your courage in doing so! Why not take a break for a couple of days and then get back to them, they'll probably work out just fine.

  3. Aren't letters hard! I too ripped out a lot.
    looking forward to seeing what comes out of the marinade.


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