Tuesday, October 12, 2021

And Some Flowers

I've been thinking about some free-pieced coneflowers since the summer, but couldn't really justify starting something new then. When I realized all those word pairs I've been making belong in a border, there was a demand for something in the middle. I immediately thought of these. Thematically, they are kind of perfect. 😁

For the leaves I wanted to suggest a light, feathery texture without being too literal. I made green and white strata, sliced them up, and rotated through the layers as I sewed them together. It is a good way to generate a lot of piecing quickly. 

My plan was for the flower head to be about the same width as two leaf sections. As you can see, they are nowhere close. 😂 I think I'll build out the background around the flowers to make them fit better.

I also was planning to make chunky stems, about 3 cm/1"+, but now that i look at the picture i think a crisp skinny stem will sharpen it up quite a bit. I don't want anything to line up too rigidly, but there still has to be some definition to hold the eye. And to balance the high contrast border too.

That's the real fun of an improv approach, isn't it? Try, adjust, carry on. Enjoy the surprises along the way. ❤


  1. Monica, that is a great approach to improve and I like your leaves and your plan with the flowers and stems. What a fun project!

  2. I'm not sure where my previous comment went but again what a wonderful project. You use such lovely colors. It's a treat to see how you plan to create the complete flowers. I'll watch this blog carefully for your progress.

  3. I love your free pieced coneflowers and such lovely bright colours, perfect with the green leaves.


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