Sunday, October 24, 2021


Another idea i had for the coneflowers was to add a contrasting strip. At first I thought they should be in a separate quilt, but then I thought just do it now. 😂

I made the top one first and didn't love it, but the second one is better. I think I'll just rip that final seam on the top one, trim down the yellow part, and it will be much better. And then I'll make one more.

I forgot to share this earlier, but I did also make that "lost and found" word pair from the title of an earlier post. 😁

I've had several ideas for a transition between the light center and the dark border, but I have a feeling I should hold off before I sew anything until I get the center sewn together. It's possible that it's already enough. We'll see!


  1. I like the addition of the band to your cone flowers. I look forward to see your center for your word pairs. Lost and Found look great!

  2. Your flowers and words are just great. I like the flowers both ways.

  3. Really enjoying your cone flowers and words! Very fun.:)

  4. I do like your idea of adding a strip and also feel that the second coneflower with a more subdued strip is just right!


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