Sunday, November 7, 2021

Rhododendron Trail Fabric Pull

It's Quiltville mystery time again! This year's is named Rhododendron Trail. My improv coneflowers quilt is going great, but it's been a lot of thinking. I'm ready to let someone else tell me what to do. 😂 My last mystery, Good Fortune, is a finished flimsy, so I have room to start. And I don't think you can go wrong with a pink and white quilt inspired by flowers. Right up my alley! 

I've only made one significant change from Bonnie Hunter's colours. She used pink, burgundy and yellow. Burgundy is about my least favorite colour (still remember the horror of Marsala), so I've chosen a shadowy range from grey through deep purple instead. 

I'll use a range for the yellow also, from lemon through citron and lime. 

I found a fairly large white on white piece for the background. I'm hoping it will stretch for the whole project because I'm really bored with my collection of low volume whites. I've used them in SO many quilts now. But if necessary I can probably use a black on white low volume print as well. 

I have that very light sea glass print for the constant. I think i can get away with it because the white is also constant and reads as a solid.

I'm looking forward to getting started! 


  1. Too funny about being ready to have someone else tell you what to do! I've been preaching and starching my fabrics for the mystery. . .of course, I haven't completed the previous mystery. . .Your pull is terrific and I hear lots of people substituting purple for garnet.

  2. Love your selection of fabrics for the Mystery with Bonnie Hunter!

  3. I'm not jumping in this year, but I do like Bonnie's colors. I think your sub for burgundy will work well. I will be following you on this mystery tour!


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