Saturday, November 6, 2021

Coneflower Layout

This is where I am right now. I can't fit it all in the photo, but you can see the full layout in my sketch:

Two posts ago I was thinking that I would keep the leaves wider than the flower heads, since I made the leaves Way Too Big. But I laid out the flowers before I even attached the leaves and it was clearly not going to look good.

So a lot of leaf trimming happened. 😁

I have a stack of those trimmings now. Maybe they'll find a place in the quilt, maybe they'll just be placemats because we could use some new ones. 😂

In the sketch you can kind of see my plan to log cabin around 3 sides of each flower. It's time to make them all the same size to save my sanity sewing them together. I haven't measured anything yet and I love that they're all different. 

I plan to log cabin around the words too when I am ready to sew those together. I'm hoping the consistent construction method will unify those very different pieces.

There's no photo yet, but I have laid out the words around the flowers and I'm pretty happy with it. So it's going well.

I've also looked at the colours for the new Quiltville mystery Rhododendron Trail. I have a good feeling about a pink and white design inspired by flowers! And it's been a couple years since my last one so I'm going try to do it. That gives me about 3 weeks to get to a good stopping place with this one. 


  1. These are such happy looking blocks! Can't wait to see the quilt with a finished top!:)

  2. Absolutely love this! You can't help but smile when you see it.

  3. Leaf trimming was the perfect solution! Wow! This layout is wonderful!


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